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Rapoon: The Fires of the Borderlands

  1. Hollow Flight
  2. Groundswell
  3. Cires Divam
  4. Snake of Earth
  5. Omaneska
  6. Deserted Shadows
  7. Looking... Not Finding
  8. Circling Globes
  9. Talking to a Stick
  10. Still, So Still
  11. A Softer Light

Ever since Robin Storey left Zoviet France, he has been quite busy, putting seven albums under his belt in the past three years. Despite all his musical expedience not a single release is boring or stagnant. The music seems to flow continuously from Robin's fingertips and "The Fires of the Borderlands" is no exception to this rule. This time around, Robin works with much thicker ambient tones than previous albums. The richness of the bass and depth of layering is evident on 'Hollow Flights' and 'Snake of Earth' bringing to mind other Dark Ambient masters like Brian Lustmord and Robert Rich. Robin treats these deep tones as if they are malleable as clay, reworking and reinterpreting the sounds with only minor molding. As with all Rapoon releases, this album is best experienced with a pair of expensive speakers, a massive stereo system, and a broadband equalizer to rein the abundant frequencies into something the human ear can truly appreciate.

Rapoon is: Robin Storey

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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