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Various Artists: Machines in the Garden

  1. Autovoice - Construct 3:14
  2. Caul - Theophany 2:35
  3. globalwavesystem - 2048 Bit 4:20
  4. Azure Skies - To Ache So Deep 4:59
  5. Torn Skin - Shoulders of Geniuses 3:36
  6. Thymikon - Demise 5:00
  7. Doppel Kode - Looking Forward 5:07
  8. Cradle to Grave - Moth 5:27
  9. Blackhouse - House on the Hull 2:18
  10. killingtheoldman - Submerge 6:03
  11. Aphorism - Remnant 5:10
  12. The Reclusive Cypher - Zatgrass 5:21
  13. Powerlab - Jerusalem 2000 2:20
  14. Dendrography - Laceration of the Canthus 5:48

Blacklight Records return with another sampler of Christian Industrial artists whose music is unnervingly dark regardless of where their faith may lie. Apart from the rather preachy tray insert, "Machines in the Garden" is devoid of any obvious religious monitory and therefore passes my personal anti-denominational litmus test. This alone earns my praise since so many religious musicians deem it necessary to press their viewpoint on their audience. This release does not. The majority of the tracks on this compilation are intensely murky with a few highly muffled vocal tracks. Most of the artists use vocal samples and layered keyboard textures to produce an opaque quality. The fact that 14 religiously motivated artists produced some of the most obfuscous music I've heard in a long time amazes me and brings back my faith in the ability of such artists to practice their without a need to converst the faithless.

Blacklight Records
P.O. BOX 6552
Kokomo, In 46904-6552


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