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Various Artists: Dark Techno - One/Nine-Nine

  1. Soma - Soma Romanz (Clovus Mix)
  2. Newt - The Abyss (Deaf Diver Mix)
  3. Black Lung - The More Confusion The More Profit (Deviant Creation)
  4. Octaine - Reflecked to Dust
  5. Nerve Filter - Ritalin
  6. Hemisphere - Spaces
  7. Covenant - Tabula Rasa (Club Version)
  8. Hyperdex-1-Sect - Mind (X Marks The Pedwalk Mix)
  9. Violet Arcana - Sensory
  10. Total Transformation - Destroy Reality
  11. Psionic - Shield Wall
  12. UNIT:187 - Dead Dog (Doggy Style Mix)
  13. Scar Tissue - Syne (Stability Mix)

21st Circuitry Records has certainly jumped on the Electronica band wagon creating an entirely new sub-label, Quantum Loop, that focuses on what is being called Intelligent Dance Music or IDM. Aside from the ridiculous name of the genre, Quantum Loop assembles one of the most innovative collection of club focused electronic artists. While some of the acts are out of place on this compilation, such as UNIT:187, who are more of a Guitar Hybrid act, the remainder of these acts fit under the IDM umbrella quite nicely. Standouts include the two David Thrussel side projects: Black Blung and Soma, each with a distinctive style, the two Jonathan Sharp projects: Hyperdex-1-Sect and Psionic, one with haunting feminine vocals and the other an instrumental, and Newt, a collaboration between members of Haujobb and Forma Tadre. Other side projects include Hemisphere, featuring Greg Price formerly of Waiting For God and Nerve Filter featuring Tom Shear of Assemblage 23. Even if "Darker Techno" seems like a collection of side projects, it really is an excellent sampler of the IDM concept; a collection of Techno material written with as little repetition as possible to avoid becoming insipid, yet just enough loops and sequences to appeal to the club scene.

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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