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Various Artists: Circuit Noir

  1. The Azoic - Intimate Incisions
  2. Eye - The Key (Mutant Aya Version)
  3. Crimson Boy - Love Gone Wrong 3AM
  4. NuMantra - Les Coeurs Danser
  5. Oneiroid Psychosis - Effacement of Projects and Purposes
  6. fockewolf - I Am God
  7. Anti-Music Foundation - Your Loss
  8. Cesium 137 - Smegma
  9. Wage Class Slave - Fragmented
  10. Noxious Emotion - Nitrogen
  11. Nefarium - Dream Releaser
  12. Separate Faith - Synergy
  13. Society Burning - Broken
  14. Marble Orchard - Dementia
  15. Redonjon - Veracity

The United Endangered Front have learned quite a bit from the release of their first compilation "CyberPuncture" a few years back. "Circuit Noir" is their latest release and its quality is leaps and bounds above its predecessor both in form and function. The artwork is stunning despite its dark minimalism, and the production quality is stellar. The artists selected are also of a higher caliber, with artists from the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Colorado, and a lone vagrant from the land down under. Standout tracks include The Azoic, who have finally found the perfect mixture between unaltered female vocals and filtered male vocals unlike their debut album, Nefarium, who feature a odd balance of Gothic vocals and upbeat electronic rhythms that seem to work regardless of their oddity, and Oneiroid Psychosis whose mastery of disturbing ambient is rivaled only by Coil. The UEF have finally found the magic formula with "Circuit Noir" and it can only get better from here.

United Endangered Front
P.O. Box 554
Englewood, CO 80151


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