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Cevin Key: Music For Cats:

  1. Musik Fur Cats
  2. Wind of Small Paws
  3. Meteorite
  4. Bird
  5. Blotter
  6. Inside Jam World
  7. Herbalist Rule
  8. Greenhouse Gasses
  9. Have You Ever Felt Like This?
  10. Go Go Boots
  11. Beauty is the Enemy
  12. Full Circle
  13. Grah Statikcat (Electrodes)

Cevin Key, best known for his work with Download, Skinny Puppy, Doubting Thomas and Cyberaktif, finally breaks down and releases a collection of solo material dating back to 1994. This thirteen track CD mostly contains collaborative efforts between Cevin and Dwayne Goettel, Genesis P-Orridge, Phil Western, Marc Spybey, and others. In fact, only three tracks on "Music For Cats" are true solo work. Nevertheless, this album gives us an insight into the world of Cevin's Green-Guy hazed mind. At best, this realm is a haphazard array of analogue synth whorls and meandering percussion and is so chaotic that it is painful to experience. Because this album contains music written over four years, there is no continuity, instead there is an extremely disjointed array of tracks that cross all electronic musical boundaries. This is not to say that the music doesn't have its high points, but rather to inform the listeners that it might take a few dozen listens to truly appreciate the cacophony of "Music For Cats".

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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