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Biopsy: Cervix State Sequences

  1. Indifference 5:01
  2. Hypoxix 4:45
  3. Cervix (Morphologic Mix) 4:34
  4. Shade of Sickness 4:46
  5. Cx State 5:06
  6. Fine Time 3:24
  7. Alter Idem 4:35
  8. Aesthetic Crime 4:27
  9. Lumen Obscura 5:39
  10. Binary CX 5:32
  11. Cervix (Metabolic Rage) 4:45
  12. Hypoxix (Hypocritic Mix) 2:43

Biopsy is a surprise in the arena of guitar crossover acts. While guitars might play an integral role in the music, overwhelming the electronics at times, is the varied nature of the electronics really brings the music to life. Biopsy integrate numerous musical elements from the groove of Hip-Hop to the acoustic guitar of Country music into their own unique hybridization that defies a solid classification. Unlike so many other acts that have problems collecting such a eccentric musical elements, Biopsy pull it off like professionals. Something feels right when you listen to the lounge music piano of 'Indifference' or the disco rhythm of 'Fine Time'. It is difficult to explain why this musical alloy works so well, but the time has passed to question why, it is time to simply enjoy the music.

Biopsy is: Guilherme Pires & Fabricio Viscardi

237 Cagua NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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