Interview by Scott (Grinding Into Emptiness, 1997)

OK, to start out with, is there anything going on with Hyperdex-1-Sect right now?

No. You have to know it's very much a "side-project" for both of us. All that's happening right now is that EMPIRION are remixing the track 'Mind'.  You might know them from the remix they did of PRODIGY's 'Firestarter' or their own "Advanced Technology" CD.

When should the next Hyperdex-1-Sect CD be available?

Sorry, nothing is definite. The follow up CD "Xenochrome" is under contract, some basic tracks exist but it's not looking like any more work will happen on it this year. Both Sevren and myself are VERY busy people!

What do you see in the future for Hyperdex-1-Sect? How long do you see it lasting?

It only came about after my departure from CYBER-TEC PROJECT. The tracks on  "Metachrome" were originally written by me for J-L De Meyer / CYBER-TEC.
After my departure I still wanted to use the tracks...that's how HYPEREDEX-1-SECT began...whether it goes any further...not really sure right now...

Where would you categorize yourself? In techno, electro, EBM, industrial...?

To use a filmic quote : "Names is for tombstones, baby."

Even being and EP, "Metachrome" ends up costing near $20.00 here because it has to be ordered through mail. Have you considered releasing "Metachrome" or any other further releases domestically in the states like on Metropolis so this problem could be solved?

This is currently in hand. Negotiations for a USA License are happening right now. Obviously I can't say too much at this stage as nothing is signed yet. But be patient....A domestic USA release will reduce the price.

Have you remixed anything under the name Hyperdex-1-Sect or do you stick to your main project's names when remixing?

No, we don't remix as H-1-S. Thats why on the "Metachrome" the two remixes that Sevren did himself are credited to XMTP, and my two remixes are credited to NEW MIND.

What other projects are you involved with?

My main project is NEW MIND which I've been doing since '91. I've been through several different labels...but I'm now signed to OFF BEAT. The latest album "Forge" was out earlier this year in europe and it's just been licensed from OFF BEAT to 21st Circuitry for the USA. I also record as BIO-TEK for ZOTH OMMOG. First CD was out last year and just came out in the USA on Cleopatra. The second BIO-TEK "Darkness My Name Is" is out on Zoth this week !
I also do HEXEDENE, though I'm only the programmer on this...debut Cd will be out in the USA on Re-Constriction very soon... I do some other things also.....

I hate to act ignorant, but how do they sound in comparison with Hyperdex-1-Sect?

They sound pretty different. NEW MIND is just all over the place stylistically..... BIO-TEK is very straight ahead European EBM....maybe HEXEDENE comes closest to H-1-S, maybe because of the female vocals and the heavy techno influences...

Have you and Sevren worked on anything else together before, remixing or otherwise?


I know this is kind of a generic question, but I always enjoy hearing artists' responses. Who are your greatest musical influences?

Initially I got into industrial through SWANS and PUPPY. These days I'm probably more interested in whats going on in the whole electronic genre and twisting it to fit the music I want to make...there is no industrial scene as such in the UK, no way to easily be exposed to the music.. I'll listen to anything except mainstream rock soundtracks are probably one of my biggest influences.......