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Sonic-Boom: December 1996


The Holidays by Jester


Gravity Kills11/23/96
Kevorkian Death CycleWA 9/25/96
Killing Floor7/5/96
Dave Thrussell11/7/96

Music Reviews:

ArcanumThe Spoken Scream
AubeMetal De Metal
BiastfearA Worthless Emotion
Black RainNanarchy
Carmilla's DressDemo
Chaingun OperateBinary Idol
Circus of PainThe Swamp Meat Intoxication
Front Line AssemblyLive Wired
Full FrequencyAdrenaline
Full FrequencyDrop Down
Hands ToNazha
HaujobbSolutions For A Small Planet
IndexBlack Light Twilight
King ChubbyQedeshim
LeaetherstripThe Rebirth of Agony
MeatheadDick Smoker Plus
Oneiroid PsychosisFantasies About Illness
RubyStroking The Full Length
Signal Aout 42Immortal Collection 1983-95
SnogThe Future
TotemplowApplaud The Execution
TV SetTV Set
Various ArtistsEcho
Various ArtistsFascist Communist Revolutionaries
White Trash Inc.White Trash Inc.
XorcistScorched Blood

Literary Reviews:

LaibachNeue Slowenische Kunst
OutburnIssue 2
Sonic Soul's RetinaNov/Dec 1996
WireIssue 152

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