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Sonic-Boom: January 1996


Elections & Wisdom Teeth by Jester


DessauDecember 1, 1995
Die KruppsDecember 9, 1995
Thine EyesOctober 29, 1995

Music Reviews:

Alien FaktorDesolate
BenestropheSensory Deprivation
BolHates Breeds Hate
Dead Letter OfficeDemo
Freaks AmourDescartes Rose
Good CourageOld, Broken & Destroyed
I Have No SoulDemo
Impact TestStanley Bodean
Indian Rope BurnThe Big-Bang Payoff
Patternclear Beat Supremacy
Scar TissueDemo
The PiercingPunchline
Tinty MusicFour Phases of Realization
Total DevotionWhere The Grasses Grow
Various Artists21st Circuitry Shox
Various ArtistsCat Compilation II
Various ArtistsWired Injections

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