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Sonic-Boom: July 1995


Nitzer EbbJune 24, 1995

Music Reviews:

AbstinenceRevolt of The CyberChrist
ATD ConventionCyber Relations
Auschwitz 46Battered, Drained, Forgotten
Evil ToyHuman Refuse
Gitane DemoneWith Love and Dementia
GunflowerBlood Type
HaujobbHomes & Gardens
Industrial HeadsThe Fear and The Anguish at The End
InformatikDirect Memory Access
Max M Corporation Max M Corporation
Morning Gold FixExperiencing Difficulty
Noxious EmotionThis Hallow Ground
NumbWasted Sky
Oxygiene 23Blue
Project PitchforkIo
PsychopompsSix Six Six Night in Hell
Screamin' TribesmanInfectious Beats
Shinjuku ThiefThe Witch Hammer
Triple PointStolen
VergiftungMisc Ditties
You ShriekGrim
Zero GravityThe Space Does Not Care
Various ArtistsBattlegrounds
Various ArtistsThe Best of Off Beat Records
Various ArtistsThe Best of RMI
Various ArtistsGothik

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